Interesting step after Alec Baldwin’s tragedy on the set on Rust after a gun went off and killed his cinematographer: Baldwin says that he favors getting rid of all types of ammunition on sets. Dwayne Johnson has pledged to stop using operable guns on sets, instead getting the effect he wants with special effects.

Better step: Screenwriters try writing stories that didn’t use any guns at all. They’re really have to think outside the box then: Relationship conflicts instead of outright violence; words that stung instead of bullets; fully human situations.

It’s easier to put a gun in an actor’s hand and call it drama and harder to write a scene for that actor that brings out violence, cruelty, and emotional force without the prop. It’s time for writers to challenge themselves. They’d have to work harder at their craft, but the script would be better and the world would be better off.

References, NY Times

“Dwayne Johnson, whose production company has produced gun-heavy action titles such as “Red Notice,” has pledged to stop using operable guns, saying “we won’t worry” about how it might affect visual effects costs. The director Guy Ritchie released a movie this year about the war in Afghanistan, called “The Covenant,” in which he said he used no real guns, telling Newsweek that Airsofts “look as good as real weapons.”

Earlier this month, Mr. Baldwin said on Kelly Ripa’s podcast, “Let’s Talk Off Camera," that he favored getting rid of all types of ammunition on sets, and only using guns unable to fire.