Lee Schneider headshot. A white man in his sixties smiling at the camera.

Hello. Nice to see you here. This is my open notebook, the place to try ideas to see if they can survive in the wild. It works like a “now page” – a mix of top-of-mind stuff, short-form essays, and fiction. It’s loose by design, so don’t expect order, but do expect themes. I post about AI, electrification, the climate crisis, indie publishing, and creative work.

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I am a writer and producer. I produce podcasts and have a long history in television and film production. I write novels. I am an adjunct assistant professor at the USC School of Architecture, where I teach a course in media. Father of three; married to a goddess. I live in Santa Monica, CA and was born in New York City.

I’m the founder and lead producer at Red Cup Agency. We work on interview, narrative, and audio drama podcasts. Subscribe to my newsletter 500 Words for essays, short stories, and notes on creative work.


New projects are at FutureX.Studio. There are links to my novels and podcasts there and soon, other projects. 500 Words is an archive of my current writing output.

I’m a believer in indie publishing. Here’s a selection of publications by me.

Surrender is a science fiction novel published in early 2023. The sequel is called Resist. It’s almost ready to meet the world.

The Angel Playbook: An Essential Guide for Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors Available in Kindle and audiobook editions.

Chronicle of a Startup Town: Los Angeles Available in Kindle and paperback editions.

Be More Popular: Culture-Building for Startups Available in Kindle, audio book, and paperback editions.

Have a look at my media kit for a listing of mentions, publications, and other works.


Say hello on Mastodon. I’m also on Bluesky.

Fun facts: I used to write for the iconic cartoon “ThunderCats.” Other cartoons I’ve written include an episode of “Super Mario Bros” and an episode of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” The best documentary I produced for television was about the rise and fall of the World Trade Tower in New York, and the worst was about alien technology.

Thanks for reading.

Lee Schneider