I’m glad I don’t write about politics in California for this blog, because everything is upside down here as usual, with a Democratic senatorial candidate helping to fund a Republican candidate’s campaign. As I understand it, the Democrat did this to help the Republican in the primary, because, apparently, the Dem candidate thinks this particular Republican candidate will be easy to beat in the election. So why not help him?

(“Wait, wut?”)

Perhaps more on-point for this newsletter, also I learned that a new crypto-friendly super PAC called Fairshake reserved TV and digital ads to target Katie Porter. Porter wants to regulate the crypto industry, and that got the crypto folks mad, and the crypto folks have money, so, reasons.

As of last night, Katie Porter was out of the race here, and Adam Schiff (Dem.) and Steve Garvey (Rep.) will face each other in November. Crazy? Maybe not for California. Remember, California is the state that elected not one, but two actors as its Governor.

[^ Gov. Ronald Reagan and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.]